Lovely Homes, Baguio

Lovely Lodgings

Lovely Homes, Baguio in Baguio City currently has five cottages for rent on a daily basis, which are included in the pool of TripAdvisor and Airbnb. It is our aim to include 100 cottages that are owned by different owners.

Our Founder

Herminio Bautista was born in Baguio during the war. He studied in Baguio Central School, which was the first public school in the country. Afterwards, he finished his B.S. in Chemical Engineering at La Salle, Manila. Before retiring, Herminio held the following job titles and positions:

  • Senior R&D Manager, Proctor and Gamble, Philippines
  • General Manager, Baguio Water District

  • City Administrator, Baguio City
  • President, University of Baguio

Our Beginnings

After our founder and his wife retired from the University of Baguio, they decided to convert a townhouse they purchased for their daughter into a rental. They chose this particular townhouse because it was located in the area where Baguio’s largest aquifers are found.

Since their rental was not yet well known, they enrolled the townhouse in CashCashPinoy—a popular discount website. On the first week of the promotion, they sold 200 days. They were so excited and scared because they were not sure if they could handle such a big number of reservations. They stopped the promo immediately.

Most of their guests are so impressed with their townhouse. Many would exclaim “Wow. Ang ganda. I want to have a house like this when I get married.” Our founder and his wife felt very happy bringing so much joy to many families, barkadas and company employees.

Their joy encouraged them to purchase 3 more houses and convert the house of their another daughter who moved to Manila into a rental. They can now host a total of 74 guests.

They are also very proud of their staff and family members who help them make sure the concerns and issues of their guests are properly addressed.

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